Thursday, February 07, 2013

Life imitates art ...

So I was back on my audio-video detail running siamese coax cable yesterday at one of my scales office (a very old building full of spiders and other not-fun-multi-armed-things) and amid old spiderwebs and dirt-dobber nests I see something … familiar.  

I lean closer and there, stuck in an old, torn open spider’s egg sack is something which I can’t identify but which looks totally like … the “Ffffffuuuuu” meme face!  I took the best picture I could because whatever it is that's making the "Fffffffuuuuu" face is pretty small and would fit on the nail of your little finger.  Still, while I was running cable through the ceiling I kept saying “Ffffffuuuu” in my head over and over again and I kept turning every now and then to see that weird little face hanging there in the old torn open egg sack stuck on the awning beside where I stood on the 8 foot tall ladder.