Friday, September 13, 2019

New title, same blog ...


I'm going to start posting a lot of stuff a lot more often and decided that the blog wasn't really going to be angsty or about going fast ..., no, it was going to be about the stuff that makes me happy.  I used to follow a similar blog about stuff that made another blogger happy.  A lot of his happy stuff made me happy as well ... then he kind of turned into a leftist d-bag and started littering his blog with profanity for profanity's sake and lost the original intention of his blog then quit his blog and started another blog that just had a whole crew of guest leftist d-bags do his posts for him.

The fact that this new blog of his failed to live up to his old blog only made me shake my head in frustration.  The fact that he also had a "DONATE" button and a link to buy T-shirts for his blog really made me laugh because, man, did that blogger miss out on everything that originally made his blog interesting and entertaining.  The original blog to the new blog went from personal introspection to this ego-driven imitation of WIRED magazine.  It wasn't a good imitation, either.

The new blog doesn't live up to its ambitious name (and no, I won't name it either).  The new blog had some promise ("some") but rapidly turned from a promising new start into a "Orange Man Bad" and "there needs to be more women writing scripts for horror movies because horror movies need to be less misogynist and we really need to ..."

It's basically become a SJW sanctuary where almost every post is either boring as hell or has some kind of outlook that makes you fondly remember the scenes from Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters after it was announced Trump won back in 2016.

You get the picture.

So, with the political death and failed SJW rebirth of a blog that I really (once) had a lot of respect for, I think it's time that I take over those duties and start posting my memories (non-political) from 1969 to 1992 (birth to college graduation and my entry into the "real" world).  Growing up was a lot of fun for me ... there really was magic in the 1970's and 1980's but all of that magic had vanished by 1992 and everything since about 1992 has just been one long snooze-fest, enough boredom to put you into a coma.

For a long time I just played around with this blog.  I really didn't care if anyone followed it.  The fact that it's had over 70,000 hits still amazes me.  I haven't been serious about this blog in forever, maybe even from the start.  I didn't know what I wanted to do and I was just throwing stuff up here to see what interested me (or you).  Now, I think, I'm going to use this blog to recall the good parts of my first 23 years of life.

Video games.







I'm going to avoid politics as I find that stuff boring, especially when it comes to toys or video games or movies or books or music.  If you're tired of politics and other day to day stuff designed on purpose to harsh your mellow and damage your calm, then maybe you can find some peace here and enjoy a few of the memories that I'm going to share.  Chances are, if you were born around the end of the 1960's, you'll have a lot of the same memories that I have.

Hopefully, they'll be just as golden as mine.

So ... welcome to the House of Joy.

More ... later.