Sunday, July 09, 2006

We have to sour the milk.

First off, let me start this out by saying that I fully support legal immigration to America. If you follow the proper channels and you obtain citizenship legally, welcome to America! However, if you sneak over the border, if you ride over the border in a truck or someone smuggles you in here, then I have nothing but contempt for you. As an American citizen, I don’t want the trash, the criminals, and the low-lifes of other countries taking up residence on the streets of my city and I refuse to supply them with aid, comfort, or welfare. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my views or my beliefs but you could never tell that from watching the liberal media.

Illegal immigration is a big problem for America and many people have asked me about my opinions on the subject. Suffice it to say that this subject is rather touchy as it hits pretty close to home in some aspects so I have to walk on eggs whenever I talk about it for fear of hurting or angering some people’s feelings.

Here’s my honest, educated opinion on the matter; illegal immigration is …, well, illegal.


No, it didn’t take a real big leap of common sense to arrive at that conclusion but for a large percentage of the population of this great country (and a large part of that large percentage is composed of the illegal immigrants their selves), they just don’t seem to understand it that it is wrong to enter a country without invitation and to take advantage of the people of that country for your own benefit. Now, as a police officer in my community, I consider anything “illegal” to be “wrong” as well by default and therefore it is something that should not only be stopped but should also be punished as well. Traditionally, you stop bad behavior by punishing the person acting badly, whether this is a child throwing a tantrum or an adult caught in the commission of a criminal act. You punish wrong behavior and you reward good behavior. However, over the last few decades, certain segments of this great country have taught us that we should reward bad behavior and punish good behavior.

Then, of course, you get the liberals in on the argument with their silly “there is no right or wrong, just different shades of gray” touchy feely brand of nonsense logic. These are the same people who have told us that it is politically incorrect that we call these trespassers for what they are … “illegal immigrants.” No. The liberals don’t want to hurt the feelings of these freeloaders so they ask us to not refer to them as “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” but rather that we should refer to them as “undocumented citizens.” Do you see the error in that line of thought? If we start referring to “illegal immigrants” as “undocumented citizens” then we get into the mindset of thinking that these trespassers are “citizens” but that they are having a problem with their paperwork rather than the fact that these trespassers are not “citizens” and that the reason they are having a problem with their paperwork, or the reason why they are “undocumented” is because they are here illegally. You see, political correctness is a mindset which is corrosive to traditional American values because it’s like sugarcoating a razor blade, it hides the ugly beneath a layer of sweetness and lets you overlook the danger if you don’t go poking too deep.

As many of my visitors know by now, I am anything but politically correct (and I hate those who are) so if you are a bleeding heart liberal or you have a warm, soft spot for “illegal immigrants” then my suggestion is that you stop reading right now otherwise you’re probably going to get your feelings hurt and bent all out of shape due to liberal guilt and a feeling of not deserving what you have worked so hard for.

I’m different. I work hard for my money and to take care of my family. I feel that I not only deserve all that I make and all that I get but I am also tired of having to pay for people who are unwilling to work to support their own families. I am tired of having to give part of my hard earned money, in the form of taxes, to people who do not deserve it in the first place. The difference between myself and an illegal immigrant is that I am a citizen of this great country and I deserve all the rights and privileges that come from that basic fact whereas the illegal immigrant has no such claim. When I look at my paycheck and I see how much money goes to lazy, generation welfare recipients or to pay for social programs to help people who are here illegally, it really makes my blood boil. America rewards failure and we do so very handsomely. America not only rewards failure, but this country embraces failure, encourages failure, and congratulates failure when it spreads. We love failure! If anyone doubts these statements, just look at the current status of our social welfare programs and the public education system.

“Undocumented citizens.” Now, doesn’t that sound so much nicer than “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants”? “Undocumented citizens” is such a better, more polite term to use around these poor people and we, as a polite America, really don’t want to be thought of as mean spirited or evil. Woe be on to us if we were to actually go and hurt the itty, bitty, tender little feelings of these poor, unfortunate people who are trying to take everything they can get without going through the proper process of applying for it. We wouldn’t want to be accused, as a nation, of upsetting the feelings of the freeloaders, now would we?

“Undocumented citizens.” What a load of PC bullspit. We’ve been steered toward this way of thinking by extending every courtesy, social program, and privilege we can to people who do not deserve these things in the first place. Sometimes, it seems like we’re more concerned with people who aren’t even citizens of our country than we are with the welfare and safety of people who actually are citizens of our own country.

The liberals want to allow the children of illegal immigrants to go to school for free, to get hot meals for free, to receive extensive government aide and comfort all for free. There are American citizens out there who can’t get the kind of free aid that some illegal immigrants are getting. The liberals want illegal immigrants, who are not citizens of this country, to be given the right to vote (an inherent right of citizenship in this great country) hopefully so they’ll vote more liberals into office. The liberals (California comes to mind in particular) actually want to give the right to drive on our roads by giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. It’s not hard to make the jump from driver’s licenses to voting rights. How many other countries do you know of in the world where you, a citizen of the United States (and not a citizen of the country you are thinking of) could cast a vote in a political event in that country?

None. However, some people in America want that to happen. No, it doesn’t make sense to me either but then I have a brain and a college education, two things I find to be lacking in most liberal minded people.

Now, it seems to me that giving an illegal immigrant a driver’s license is tantamount to rewarding failure (something that America has become very good at in the last two decades). Giving an illegal immigrant a driver’s license would be like giving a thief a license to steal or perhaps a “get out of jail free” card. It’s not hard to see how giving a thief either of those entitlements would get that thief to vote for the politician who managed to swing those entitlements through the legal processes.

Illegal immigration is wrong and it must be stopped. The problem is, there is talk of amnesty for those illegal immigrants who are already here. That, too, is rewarding failure. If you are going to extend amnesty to those who are stealing from us, then you might as well open the jails and let every petty thief and crook out as well because you are rewarding the same kind of behavior. In fact, I would venture to say that if illegal immigrants are extended any form of amnesty, that there could be legal precedence for anyone who ever trespassed or stole property to take America to court and be forgiven on the same grounds. A thief is a thief, no matter how pretty you dress them up or what title you give to them.

We’ve been told that we cannot deport the illegal immigrant population of America because that would cost the Federal government too much money. It would ruin labor industries like the crop growers and farmers. Deporting these freeloaders would be like slitting Lady Liberty’s wrists, it would be suicide for America.

I have to call bullspit on that as this is just more liberal protectionism for a group of people who have no right to be here in the first place and even less right to any government aid. The problem is that America is not serious about its borders. We’ve already had terrorists sneak in from our neighbor to the North (Canada). Our Southern border (Mexico) is wide open and while there is always lots of talk on both sides, nothing really is being done (politics as usual). IMHO, the only people who have less of a right to be in America are our own politicians. At least the illegal immigrants do an honest day’s work for pay, I can’t say that about most politicians.

Now, what I find so ironically hilarious is the fact that while America has a severe illegal immigration problem, Mexico, in contrast, is deadly serious about protecting its own borders against freeloaders and trash from its neighbor countries. Recently, on a talk radio show, an Australian journalist told of how many steps it took to get the proper paperwork to just visit Mexico for a few days to cover a sporting event. Mexico, in contrast to America, is serious about their borders while the Mexican government has openly stated that America is wrong for trying to stop Mexicans from coming to America. What they mean is that the more freeloaders that can leave Mexico and go North to America, the better.

I don’t have a lot of respect for the Mexican government or their policies on immigration, especially in regard to the immigration of their citizens to my country.

I am wholly against blanket amnesty because that rewards failure. I’m glad that so many illegal immigrants have contributed so much to this country, but that does not negate the fact that they are illegal immigrants and that they broke the law in the first place in order to be able to do all of that good. I don’t believe that we should reward failure.


The recent demonstrations by illegal immigrants in America should have been both a wake up call as well as a golden opportunity. Think about it. What a glorious opportunity we had and we wasted it. Illegal immigrants staged a walk-out in protest. Illegal immigrants! If I had been law enforcement, I would have let every illegal immigrant who wanted to protest to stupidly show up in one place then I would have rounded them all up, checked them for papers and if they really were illegal immigrants, I would have had trucks ready to haul them off and I would have deported them back to their country of origin. Instead of an opportunity to snatch hundreds if not thousands of these people up in one place at one time, we just watched it on the news. Imagine if the protests had been by Islamic terrorists who were wanting changes at the Guantanamo prison complex? Would we have done something about it?

I wonder if we would… Given the current state of the liberal media and our own politicians, I really wonder if we would have done anything other than to make sure that the protests were plastered all over the liberal media channels 24 / 7. I also firmly believe that if we did indeed find out that thousands of terrorists who had been in hiding in this country were to come out and protest the conditions in Cuba, that if we tried to arrest them we’d be firmly told by the Left and the liberals that we were violating their right to freedom of speech. That’s how my country works, liberalism is a social cancer that is eating our country alive from the inside out. What the “Reds” couldn’t do with communism, the Left is doing with liberalism.

So, if the Federal government says it can’t do anything about the illegal immigrant population (or they are unwilling to do so since it is so politically unpleasant and hot at the moment) then I have some ideas.

First off, since the Cold War is over, I see no reason why we need to keep active military bases in Europe, particularly in Germany and France. Since these two countries opposed us during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq (when it was eventually learned that France, Germany, and Russia were all profiting nicely from deals with Iraq…), then I suggest that we pull those troops and equipment back to America. We build new bases, in the border states, and we use those troops to police our own vulnerable Southern border. Imagine the boom to local commerce that all of those troops and their families would bring! Imagine how tight we could lock our borders down with actual US armed forces personnel and equipment on duty. Let Germany and France cry for all the lost revenue to their local incomes when our bases pack up and head home.

We need to build a wall along our Southern border and seriously enforce the immigration policies. A serious wall with barbed wire or electric wire along the top to discourage going over, too tall to go over, too smooth to climb up and too wide to go around. The wall needs to be high enough that it cannot be easily negotiated. We have access to a wide array of high technology, we could monitor the border outside and inside the wall with a variety of passive and active thermal, infra-red and visual sensors, RPVs, drones, and a host of stuff I probably haven’t even heard of yet (and probably don’t have the security clearance to know about either). Anyone attempting to climb or breach the wall would be met first with a verbal warning in English and Spanish, then with a warning shot, and finally with whatever force was required to cause the perpetrators to immediately cease their actions and leave the area of the wall. Such force would range from non-lethal, to less-than-lethal all the way up to lethal if need be.

That pretty much secures the Southern border and should bring illegal immigration down into the low single digit percentages from where it now is. The problem is that once we seal the border, we still have a great many illegal immigrants living inside the fence we have just erected. How do we deal with all of the illegal immigrants already living in America?

The answer is simple: we sour the milk.

We do what?!

We sour the milk of the breasts of Lady Liberty that these freeloaders are suckling from each and every day.

Long time visitors to my site know that I love (and love to make fun of) science fiction but science fiction can teach you a lot. One such lesson is how to sour the milk. I draw this lesson from a rather unique episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Let me summarize the episode for those of you who may not be familiar with it though I may get some of the details wrong. If I do, please don’t send me hateful raving fanboy email to correct me as I’ll simply ignore you. The details aren’t important, the lesson or moral of the story is. The starship Enterprise (under the command of Jean Luc Picard) makes contact with a pair of giant alien creatures who live in space. These space going organisms are huge and I think they are a pair. One has a smaller organism (“baby”) attached to it which somehow is attracted over to the starship Enterprise and attaches itself to the back of the Enterprise.

The rest of the episode deals with how the crew of the starship can gently get rid of this baby alien (which is sucking their vital power and draining what they have to live / travel on) without killing it. They try everything, including opening the shuttle bay (right under it) and venting high pressure atmosphere out beneath it in an attempt to dislodge the alien baby and get it off the Enterprise. You see, the baby alien is freeloading from their power and causing all amount of problems but the Prime Directive which guides the Federation in its operation prevents the crew from simply using a phaser to blast the troublesome creature from the hull and get on with their lives … sound familiar? The head engineer finally comes up with an idea. The crew has to “sour the milk.” Since the baby is, in effect, suckling off of the Enterprise like it was the baby’s mother, the crew must change the polarity or “taste” of the energy that the baby alien is sucking on in order to make the power unappealing. After several tries, this idea works and the Enterprise not only gets the baby alien creature to stop robbing them of power, but they also manage to deliver it safe and sound back to the care of its parents in space. And they live happily ever after. The End.

When it comes to illegal immigrants, America can take a lesson from this episode of Star Trek: TNG and “sour” our own “milk.” My own politically incorrect belief is that since these people are illegal immigrants, trespassers and freeloaders, they shouldn’t have any rights of citizenship and that includes any rights or protection found under the Constitution of the United States. However, as Americans, we simply cannot go around and just beat up every illegal immigrant. No, that would not be “souring the milk.”

In order to sour the milk, we have to remove all of the luxuries, rights and benefits that illegal immigrants have come to bank on and desire when they head towards our great country. First off, I would revoke the stupid idea where if a baby is born on US soil, it automatically becomes a US citizen. That bit of silliness simply has to stop right now. I would revise it to say that if a baby is born to foreign nationals on US soil, then the baby is the same citizenship as its parents. If both of its parents are illegal immigrants then the child’s citizenship reverts to the same citizenship as the parents, and if that is in question, then it reverts to the citizenship of the father. If they want to fight over that fact, let them work it out in a foreign court.

A rather harsher way to deal with this abuse (and one which would cost us taxpayers a lot of money) would be to simply snatch the baby away, declare it a US citizen, then deport the parents and put the child up for adoption to legal, US citizens. There are a lot of people in this country who want to adopt children. It is my opinion that children should not be used as some kind of a golden ticket for parents who are illegal immigrants, children should not be used as legal or political leverage and the way to stop this is to stop rewarding the failure of the system. Stop granting citizenship automatically to children born of non-citizens. If illegal immigrants bear children on US soil in an attempt to gain citizenship or favor through their child being branded an automatic citizen by right of birth, then take the child away, give it to a loving US family, and deport the real parents. This punishes their behavior. A child is a gift, it is not a tool to be used as some kind of crowbar to force your way into a better life.

Now, in the early years of our great country, law enforcement in the new territories was often handed over to individuals who had proven their selves. Lawmen were few and far between in those times so individuals often took up the call. Vigilantes and other tough hombres took up the job when regular lawmen could not. Rewards were posted for wanted criminals and bounty hunting became a profession if not a way of life for some people in the Old West. I see no reason why we can't reinstitute this practice in a modern day venue. Bounty hunters exist today, going after bail jumpers. It wouldn’t be that far a stretch to extend bounty hunting to going after illegal immigrants.

Think about it. The Federal government does not have to do anything about illegal immigration except acknowledge it as a problem and validate sanctions against illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants cost the average tax payer a lot of money each year. We support them even though they are not citizens (and have no true rights at all). I’m sure that if we offered a bounty of $2500.00 USD for each illegal immigrant captured and brought to a US immigration center, that a whole industry would spring up almost overnight. I myself know that I could round myself up a brand new Corvette in about an afternoon alone and that’s just counting the illegal immigrants one county over from where I work. You may balk at a bounty on illegal immigrants but if the Federal government paid $2500 per immigrant, to private individuals, to be rid of that immigrant, then that would probably be a drop in the bucket compared to what it would cost the government to allow that immigrant to stay for one year.

Bounties and bounty hunters. Of course, we might pay less for children, say only a thousand per child but there would be a bonus for getting a whole family at once, the larger the extended family, the bigger the bonus. I’m sure that there are stalwart individuals out there who would rise to the challenge and shoulder the burden and I, as an American citizen, would be only too happy to let some of my tax money go to pay the reward for removing the illegal immigrants. The real challenge would be in getting the Federal government not only to properly staff its immigration offices (and to have enough offices to handle the new out-flux of illegal immigrants), but also to enforce its policies (policies which, sadly, seriously need to be revamped). Getting rid of illegal immigrants by using American citizens who were legally deputized or chartered to capture, hold and deliver illegal immigrants is the easy part. Processing them would be the hard part. It would be up to the government to clear these illegal immigrants through the border and return them to their country of origin. Once again, I’m sure that a one way airline ticket to the Middle East is far less expensive than maintaining an illegal alien for a year. Databases would have to be created and maintained as well as monitored. The business of removing illegal immigrants could become a bigger profit than letting them stay! Why, just think of all the extra government jobs that such a program would create!

Yes, the key to getting rid of illegal immigrants is to make getting rid of illegal immigrants a business, a really big business open to any and all entrepreneurs and a highly profitable business at that. After all, there is a hell of a big job to be done and we need to reward the individuals that rise to the occasion. Another idea is that we could start televising illegal immigrant round ups. Popular bounty hunters or bounty hunting groups could have their own fan clubs, it could eclipse the popularity of shows like “COPS” and “Dog: The Bounty Hunter” in no time at all. Imagine seeing some tough posse of American bounty hunters raiding an apartment complex and walking away with a bunch of illegal immigrants in restraints. We’d, of course, offer higher rewards for known criminals who had committed crimes in America or who were, perhaps, wanted by other countries. Hell, bounty hunters could even have their own fan clubs and we could keep track of their stats like we do with professional sports players. We could even have annual “super bowls” of bounty hunting where individuals and teams competed to see who could rack up the highest score, the biggest cash rewards. Think about it! We could even bring in sponsors to endorse the more popular hunters / teams and use them to test out new surveillance, capture and restraint systems. The possibilities are unlimited.

So far, we have locked down the border and we have created an incentive for private individuals to take up the burden (and be rewarded for their work).

Now, we have to make America a place that is not very friendly to illegal immigrants. No, that doesn’t mean that we go around beating up every foreigner that we see, that would be un-American. No, we don’t even have to touch the first illegal immigrant in order to make them want to leave America as fast as possible. These people are here because they are being rewarded for breaking the law. They aren’t rewarding their selves, they are being rewarded by farming combines, by businesses who want dirt cheap labor and who want to cook their books in order to get it. They are being rewarded by selfish, greedy Americans who are more concerned with the bottom line than with the welfare of the nation. We can’t punish the mule that is following the carrot on the stick, we have to punish the people who tied the carrot to the stick and stuck it out in front of the mule in the first place. We don’t punish the mule that pulls the cart, we punish the cart owners who lured the mule into the harness in the first place.

So, we don’t go after illegal immigrants with a vengeance, no, we go after the individuals and people who employ the illegal immigrants. If anyone who holds public office is found to employ illegal immigrants, that person will be fined and removed from office. Corporations and businesses who employ illegal workers will be fined $100,000 for each instance plus the personnel who hired the illegal workers as well as the owners of the company in question may face further legal prosecution and personal jail time if it can be proved that they knew about the illegal hiring practices and agreed to go along with them. We have to make it undesirable to employ these poor people in the conditions under which they are employed.

If a company uses company assets to transport illegal immigrants into this country, then those assets will be immediately seized and sold at public auction. That means if a poultry plant uses one of its semi-trucks to make a run down into Mexico to bring back a whole tractor trailer rig of cheap human labor, the rig will be seized and sold, the company will be fined for each immigrant brought back, the driver will be fined and face legal prosecution and other extended charges will apply to anyone in the company who both knew about this as well as authorized this practice. The illegal immigrants will be taken to the nearest processing center, processed, and shipped back to their home.

We have to “sour the milk.”

We need to make our country “illegal immigration” unfriendly. We need to make it to where there is no reason anyone would want to come to this country illegally because they know that if they do get here, they’re only going to find that there are no jobs for them, no government benefits, and a long line of eager bounty hunters looking to make a quick buck by finding them and taking them to the nearest immigration office for a fat reward. We could even extend the bounty on illegal immigrants to anyone who reported them or turned them in, thus businesses could make a nice bonus by accepting applications for employment from illegal immigrants and then forwarding that information to the appropriate authorities. It would quickly become known that you did not go to America because you would not be able to find any place to live, there would be a price on your head and everyone would be looking to turn you in for some quick cash. Pretty soon, we’d have illegal immigrants fleeing this country of their own accord (and that might not be such a bad thing). Hell, I look forward to the day when the US Coast Guard doesn’t find one Cuban in the water on some make-shift boat.

Illegal immigration enforcement needs to start now and it should have started years ago when the World Trade Center was destroyed. We need to punish those who take advantage (and encourage) illegal immigration into our country and we need to do it with a heavy hand. We need to punish failure, not reward it. I know it is a difficult concept to embrace after several decades of being told otherwise but the sooner we take control of our borders and our own country, the better we’ll sleep at night.

Oh, and for how we would deport all of those illegal immigrants from Mexico back to Mexico, well, the NAFTA agreement is a fine and dandy piece of legislation. It allows trucks from Mexico to enter the United States and pass on to Canada as well as return. I say on their way back to Mexico, we stop them at the border, load them up with processed illegal immigrants as passengers outbound and send them on their way back down South. It’s time that Mexicans got serious about their own country. If they really are the hard workers that they are purported to be, then let them fix their own country first before they try to come to America and work here. Our country is in a hell of a lot better shape than Mexico. If they are so proud of their heritage and their country, why do they come here? If they are such great workers, why is their country so poor? I wonder what Mexico would think if they started getting all of their documented citizens back as surplus?

An opponent of my beliefs once tried to argue for illegal immigration by saying that “the illegal immigrant is just trying to feed his family of six kids and his wife and he can’t do that in Mexico so he’s just doing what any man would by sneaking into America and trying to find work.” My reply was; “When it comes to children, if you can’t feed them, then don’t fuck and keep on making them. If you can’t feed one, how do you expect to feed six?” The logic of that simple truth was apparently lost on him.

The real truth is that it is not my responsibility to provide relief and aid for someone who isn’t a citizen of my country, who sneaks into my country expecting to circumvent the law for their own benefit and who isn’t smart enough to keep their own dick under control. That’s his problem, not mine. If he wants to work hard, let him work in his country. I work hard to feed my own wife and child, the last thing I need is another eight mouths to feed, mouths who aren’t even my neighbors or rightful citizens of my country, coming out of my paycheck.

Sour the milk. Lock down the border. Punish those who employ and give shelter to illegal immigrants. Make highly visible examples out of them. Turn the process of rounding up and extraditing illegal immigrants into a business, a big American business and make it more profitable to the American economy than employing the illegal immigrants illegally in the first place. Televise the major points of the campaign, turn it into a reality TV show, add sponsors like NASCAR, turn it into a sport with teams, rankings, statistics and a year end championship showdown between the best of the best! That’s the American way!

I’m not against legal immigration.

I’m also for vastly reforming the immigration program as well. I realize that one of the reasons why there are so many illegal immigrants is because the program has flaws and that these people are desperate since the system is failing them. At the same time, I don’t want just anyone to be able to come into my country to live. We, as Americans, should have standards in order to come and live in our country. If we’re going to be changing things, we might as well change that tired old saying of “give us your poor, etc. etc.” Yes, I’d like to be able to pick and choose who calls America home. We have enough retards living here as it is, we don’t need to start importing them from other countries.