Thursday, February 07, 2013

Do want! - NECA ALIENS: Colonial Marines figures

Well, after finally adding NECA's BORDERLANDS "Claptrap" to my collection (it resides on my desk, next to my nameplate, holding up on of my business cards in its pincer hands) and after almost finishing my "Terminator" and "Terminator 2" action figure lineup (all Arnold figures in various states of damage and decay up to (or is that down to) and including the Endoskeleton) I've decided to clear some more space on my shelf for a new wave of somewhat pricey action figure goodness ... namely NECA's "ALIENS: Colonial Marines" series of toys.

Oh, yes.

I've waited for these figures for a very long time, I even wrote NECA an email years ago requesting that they do these figures.  I can't say that they listened to me, I'm not that naive as they probably got thousands of emails requesting ALIENS figures, but irregardless (which I'm told isn't even a real word) the figures are finally here ... or almost here.

The first wave is going to include Hicks, Hudson ("Game over, man!") and a reworked ALIEN.  Hopefully additional waves will include the other characters.  

I think that Armyghy from the Gearboxsoftware forums said it best "With the sheer number of Predators Neca does, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the entire squad done. Drake, Vasquez, Gorman, Farro and Spunkmeyer would need original treatment, but the majority of the marines would only need head swaps and color differences. And I would buy every last god damn one of them."

HUA!   You and me both.

If NECA ever produces a to-scale Power Loader and / or ALIEN Queen ... well, I've still got two kidneys, you can get by in life with only one and I hear there's a good market for things like that for people who need them.

Soon ... soon.

(UPDATE)!  They are MINE!  Muhahahahahahahahahaha!