Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long hair, screamin' guitars and burning rubber

A pair of songs from a pair of underrated ‘80’s bands … Kix and Kings of the Sun. I've been listening to Kings of the Sun since I bought their first self-titled album at Camelot Music in the Metrocenter in Jackson, MS way back in the spring of '88. If anyone is local, they'll know that's a long time ago.

Both songs remind me of my well spent youth, particularly the years of 1984 to 1992 which were my teenage to early adult-hood proving grounds. Fast cars, fast women, shallow relationships, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, abject hooliganism and a time when cruising was still an acknowledged and accepted rite of passage for red blooded American males. Today, American males have been neutered by the media and society at large … metrosexuals or baggy pants, backwards cap wearing retards group in flocks at the mall to collectively pose and try to figure out what to do with a member of the opposite sex while the only thump most cars have today is from a pair of subs in the trunk, not from any cubes under the hood.

As for the bands … if you like power metal, maybe proto-metal, then here’s two tickets to light you up. Enjoy and listen to it loud while you're frying the tires, winding the clocks and pinning the needles.