Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Knock knock knocking on Heaven's door ...

Hectic and non-stop. 

That about sums up life for the last three months ... oh, and there was that dance with Death called Cellulitis.

It started out in my right nostril and quickly spread across my face within a period of hours. I went to the ER twice in two days and on the second visit I was hospitalized and given so many bags of IV antibiotics that I lost count. My doctor friend who treated me told me that I might not have been at Death's door ... but I was in her neighborhood, on the block where she lived and I had her number on speed dial. He also said that when I stumbled into the ER with half my vision going, fever and slurred speech that I was one step away from a helicopter ride out of there. He also mentioned something about emergency surgery, a big needle up my nose and mentioned something about Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis. Needless to say after 12 years of working in the ER I knew just enough about all of that terminology to know that I was heading downhill fast in a serious way.

As it turned out, everything worked out fine but I was down and out for the better part of ten days straight from start to finish. That was a few weeks ago, I'm better now but for a while there it was definitely touch and go.