Friday, May 03, 2013

The Dark One speaks ... !

Sort of ... I'm going to be making a series of podcasts related to my website ... soon.  So, if you've ever wanted to hear The Dark One speak, get ready.  Most of the podcasts will be about things that make me happy, like toys and childhood memories and neat things and nerd things and fast cars and fast motorcycles and good times.  There's even going to be some full frontal nerdity regarding "Star Wars" ... ok, maybe more than probably a lot of that since I have a lot of opinions on Star Wars.  

In fact, there just may be a whole damn series of podcasts just on Star Wars and what a hack Lucas is.  It's a good thing that he sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney because he had already spent the last three and a half decades Mickey Mousing the shit up.

I hope to have the first podcast up and going in the next few weeks, look for it on my website and a link will be posted here as well as the Facebook page.  Podcasts will try to be issued weekly, more or less.  I don't recommend holding your breath waiting for one but if you do then I'm sure that Darwin will be pleased.