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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials

Handy in case of close encounters ...

A friend asked if I still had this ... not only do I have it, I have the 1979 first printing. I bought it a few years ago off of Ebay and I see that some of these are going for upwards of $900 now (I didn't pay anywhere near that ...) and I'm wondering ... if you think you're going to get $900 for this then whatever you're smoking ... if and when they make it available in pill form ... the line to get a 30 day supply starts behind me.

I particularly like getting used books that have notes in them to someone else. Apparently this book was a gift to "Jake" on June 2, 1982 and it was given to him by a woman named "Ruby" who says "It seems to me that I've spotted a number of these characters in your station on occasion. Happy Birthday, Ruby."

I guess "Jake" owned a gas station or worked at a gas station at one time and I know that June 2 is Jake's birthday. Happy belated birthday, Jake, if you're still alive somewhere ... out there. I've got your old book, buddy, and I'm taking real good care of it.